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Stephen Trinder(non-registered)
Hi Richard, I really hope you don't mind but, after the mention in the Press, and telling all my colleagues at the University, I added your Tribute video to my blog at I'll instantly remove it if you do object. I added it because it's a very poignant reminder of Christchurch as it was, as well as a very practical record of what was actually there. My blog has a very small readership, and was initially set up as a sort of online scrapbook for favourite videos and my published poems. Since February 22nd I've included Earthquake videos as a record of events for family here and overseas. So, again please let me know if you'd like it removed, or links added, but whatever you'd prefer, many thanks for creating it.
David Thornley(non-registered)
The Christchurch Civic Trust are very fortunate to have your images used in their web site
May you continue to record Christchurch in all its moods, with such artistry.
Peter and Heli(non-registered)
Hi... Absolotely amazing!!! What lovely photos!!!!
Andrea McKendry(non-registered)
Loved the surfing photos- what a talent you have!!